We Are Coastline Applications

Our Company

Founded in Rhode Island by Kennedy Richardson, Coastline Applications’ mission is to create value for small and medium sized businesses across southern New England by building and maintaining applications, databases and websites.

Client Focus

We believe the only way for a business to succeed is to serve their customers well. Therefore, at Coastline Applications, we put our primary focus on not just meeting, but exceeding our client’s needs and expectations.

We also put an emphasis on listening to our clients, and paying attention to the small details of what they ask of us.

We are always looking for new and challenging projects that require us to test our skills. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Our Process

We take a deliberate approach to each new project we receive. Adhering to a proven model provides consistency and reliability.

1. Concept

We start by meeting with our clients and get as good a picture of what their needs are as possible.

We take our clients ideas and flesh them out into a fully formed project.

2. Design

Once the concept is approved by the client, take the concept and add our unique design aesthetic.

Sizes, colors, fonts, etc. all need to be planned out so that a cohesive final product can be achieved.

3. Coding

Once our design is finished, we can finally start building the actual product based on the specifications we have created.

This is an exciting stage where the product begins to take shape.

4. Testing

Testing our code is arguably the most important step in the process. We verify that every portion of our product works as expected, every time.

If a problem is found, we send the product back to the coding stage for fixing, and then resubmit the new code for additional testing.

5. Delivery

Once we have verified that the product passes our high standards, we approve it for delivery to the client.

This is one of the most enjoyable parts of the entire experience for us, as we get to see our work being used and enjoyed again and again.

Our Results

Our results speak for themselves.

Our website is a good example of the quality you can expect from us.

What else can you expect?

Modern Design

Secure Applications

End-User Friendly

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